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In the Weeds

In this saga of delusional things I do for love, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’ve used my body to perform love. The ways I’ve changed the way I dressed, dyed my hair, styled my hair, worn a fake tan, not worn a fake tan, shaved my poon, shaved my butthole, all in the pursuit of making someone else comfortable. It would have been much cuter if I would have just shaved my pubes into the shape of a heart or maybe just gotten a “property of ______” tattoo so I could fill in the name of the current love of my life.

Also this is a love note to the bush. I love the way a full bush looks and that is a hill I will die on! One of my all time fav paintings is “the origin of the world,” which was commissioned by a noted collector of erotic art and the model was one of the artists lovers, both of which add to a lovely feeling of object, but none the less! A more modern favorite of mine is the Plush series by Marilyn Minter.

Anyways all of this reminds me of a sketch I did a while ago.

I also wrote “ so even when you’re hitting it from the back you have to look me in my eyes.” I’m not quite confident where I was headed with that but I think it all just circles back to this idea of manipulating your body to find security in a man (ew, guilty!).

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