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Mural Diaries

My journey in the arts has taken me a myriad of places that I would have never expected. There was one place, though, that I had some resistance. That would be murals. I’ve painted a lot of large scale works the size of murals, one of which is my favorite painting “faking it.” 

Coming in at 8 feet long and about 5 feet tall, it is the size of a mural. So I knew a large-scale mural wasn’t out of my skill set. If this is a safe space, I think it was my ego that was in the way.

I’ve long had this idea that my career should take place in big galleries and shows in major hubs. I imagined I’d be rubbing elbows and partying at Art Basel one day. To be honest I had this fear that painting a mural would be beneath me. I feared that galleries and all of the important people on the council in my mind would look down on me. 

I’ve come to a place in my career, having moved back to Oklahoma, where I really am reprioritizing the work. I’m desperately attempting to put my ego and all of my predisposed ideas of what a successful career looks like to the side in an attempt to see where I’m taken. What work could come through that I’m currently blocking because I think I know better?

So, when my dear (very talented) friend Taylor asked if I’d be interested in painting a mural with her I said maybe. Then she told me what the price was and I said absolutely. I’m not in a position to be turning down money, people!

Thus began an incredibly exciting, exhausting and exhilarating week that surprised me every step of the way.

We started on a Sunday evening where we came into the space (a real estate office) and projected our photo reference. We focused primarily on getting the detail of the buffalo mapped out as the rest was landscape and sky. 

On Monday we painted gravel.

Tuesday was grass (my enemy). 

Wednesday was mountains and sky.

Thursday was buffalo.

Friday was finishing details.

I found myself shocked every day by the amount of energy that I had and how productive we were. I have pretty much never felt that way or been that prolific in my studio by myself. I had so much fun working with my friend and it felt so good to accomplish something so substantial. 

I guess TLDR: I have so much more fun when I’m not thinking about what I SHOULD be doing and focus on the opportunities in front of me. Also Taylor and I are open for commissions of murals! Here’s to many more

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